The Changing Seasons

Hi, whoever’s reading this. I just wanted to say before I start this that this is my first post, so it’s probably going to be awful, sorry. 🙁
It’s fall now, and the air’s crisp, the leaves have started to fall, it’s cold in the mornings and hot in the afternoons. In the picture above, you can see the leaves are really just starting to change color. But that’s here, in North Carolina. I really love the fall, but it isn’t super unique or amazing to me anymore. Just like it normally starts snowing in late January, and that continues until almost March, the air slowly starts growing warmer in spring, but somehow that doesn’t seem to last very long as dear old hot, humid, summer comes in. I feel like if the seasons had personalities, spring would be sweet and happy, fall would be shy but sometimes it would a little cold, winter would probably be not exactly nice, but not super mean (I mean, I love winter, my birthday’s in winter,) and summer would kind of be very loud and outgoing, and whenever it entered a room, it would be like BAM! HERE I AM, PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH!!! (Well, I guess if we’re talking about if the seasons were people, then I wouldn’t say it, I would say she, or he, or they, etc, but whatever, this is hypothetical.)

One reason I love fall is Halloween, honestly. I mean, candy, costumes, scaring people (MUAHAHA), what’s not to like? Well, I guess if you have somebody jumping out and shouting BOO at you 24/7 then it won’t be very fun. If you are that person jumping out and scaring people… I APPLAUD YOU. Well, unless you’re actually scaring people, in which, be careful, because I feel like they would try and get revenge, and, also, maybe you should ask them if they mind it.

This is longer then I thought it would be, huh. Anyway, back to the seasons. I remember one time when I was about six, my cousin, who lives in Florida, came up for my birthday, I think. And it was her first time seeing snow. That seemed a little odd to me at the time, but a lot of places in world it doesn’t snow, ever.

Well, if you actually  read all of this, thanks so much! Bye!